The word holistic is derived from the Greek word ‘Holos’, meaning ‘Whole’ .

A holistic coach recognizes that there is a connection between mind and body. Our thoughts, feelings and behaviors can affect our bodily functions and physical health. For example just think of the nauseous feeling  and abdominal pain one may experience before a job interview or exam. Social, psychological, spiritual and lifestyle factors can affect our physical health. Physical symptoms may be a signal that there is an imbalance somewhere in the body or the mind.

As a health psychologist, I learned that there is a link between body, mind and behavior. Our behavior, thoughts and feelings can affect our health. Health Psychologists study how human behavior affects health, how diseases can be prevented and how health and wellbeing can be promoted. As a holistic coach, I want go one step further. I’d like to give support and advice so that you gain insights about your health and learn to accept your physical and mental illness in a compassionate manner. The ultimate goal is to promote healing, health and well-being.

I certainly do not regard Holistic care as a substitute for regular health care but rather as a complement. It can also be used preventively in order to prevent people from developing acute symptoms so they have to consult a doctor or specialist.

What does holistic coaching entail?

In the holistic coaching sessions we will focus on  you as a whole. We will dedicate attention on the following subjects:

  • Lifestyle (nutrition, exercise and relaxation)
  • Thoughts and mental health
  • Spirituality; deeper meaning in life
  • Work and life purpose
  • Relaxation, stress reduction and setting limits
  • Processing of emotions, such as shame, sadness and anger
  • Relationships; love relationships, family relationships, work relationships and relationship with yourself
  • Self-development; self confidence and self-compassion
  • Communication and interaction with the self and others (family, friends, colleagues and employer)