Online coaching and counseling

Online coaching is a modern and useful coaching method. It is interactive, flexible, effective and cost-effective. There is no need for traveling and you can participate in any coaching session in the comfort of your home. All you need is a fast and secure internet connection, a  computer, laptop, Ipad or mobile phone with a microphone and camera. It is possible to book online sessions for coaching or counseling.  The formats used in these sessions are email, chat, skype call or video call.

Coaching via email and chat

Sometimes writing your thoughts and emotions can be easier than expressing them through speech. If you have difficulties in expressing yourself through verbal communication, email-coaching or coaching through chat might be a more suitable option for you.  With writing, you also get the chance to process the information on a different level. I generally recommend a combination of Skype and email for coaching/counseling.

Skype  calls and video calls

Skype offers the possibility for regular calls without a camera or with a camera.   Both have their benefits. Some people prefer to have only Skype calls without a camera, this is not a problem if this enables the communication process and the client feels more at ease. Video calls can be great as well because they facilitate face-to-face conversations and they are similar to being in the same room with the coach/counselor.  The benefit of a video call is the exchange of non-verbal information, specifically the ability to observe each other’s facial expressions and body language. This can establish rapport and enhance the coach-coachee relationship.


In order to enable a good and hassle-free online coaching/ counseling session a good internet connection is important. Furthermore, a good microphone and camera might be handy. I will ask you to download a couple of Software programs on your computer so that the information exchange is confidential and secure. The programs are easy to download and use. The software programs are free.

If you have a question between sessions, you can always send me an email.