Mindfulness has been described as the art of conscious living. By engaging in contemplative practices like mindfulness meditation, clients can begin to cultivate the qualities of non-judgment and non-attachment as well as the heart qualities of compassion, love, and understanding. Meditation gives us the opportunity to shift from “human doings” to human beings, and it is in the being that we access our natural resilience and innate wisdom for the human experience.


Breathing and emotions intertwine in complex ways. As a self-control skill, clients are taught mindfulness of breath in order to become more aware of their breathing and how breath can be a general indicator of stress/anxiety and relaxation/relief.

Nutritional Awareness

The foods that we eat influence our energy, moods, and state of mind. Deficiency of particular nutrients due to deficient diet or impaired processing can result in a wide range of psychological symptoms. Working together, our clinicians assess nutritional needs and help our clients achieve a healthful life balance.